Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Do you know what liquid is much more expensive than human blood?

Is your printing costing MUCH more than it needs to? We believe we can save you thousands of Rands a year, if we can't, you can have our blood!

People talk about putting your money where your mouth is, but what about putting your blood where your mouth is?"
If we don't save you any money then I will personally donate a unit of blood for every case brought to my attention.

It is my job to make sure my clients never run out of Ink, Toner or Paper ever again - or there will be blood!!!! My Blood!

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We have started to Import Original, Refill and Generic Cartridges and Toners and would like to check if we can supply you ?

Please be so kind as to reply to email with below

What printers do you use at your home or office?
Please reply to this email or Fill in >>>This<< Form
(example HP 3500 , Samsung SCX-4623F )

Except for Delivery and Best Prices ? What else would you like from us?
Annual Free service to your printers
Delivery of paper at cost price
other Stationary
Monthly check of buffer stock levels? - So that you never have to run around and look for a cartridge/Toner as it runs empty?

Christopher Riley

PS: Perfume sometimes comes in more expensive than Printer Ink but scorpion venom, seems to be the most expensive liquid which comes in at $38,858,507.46 per gallon.

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