Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Notebook Company puts its blood where its mouth is, and not its money

The Notebook Company, the Pretoria-based notebook and accessories retailer – which recently announced the opening of a consumables division -  has promised its clients the cheapest ink, toner and paper costs in the industry.

This was confirmed by Christopher Riley, CEO of The Notebook Company, who said: “People talk about putting your money where your mouth is, but what about putting blood where you mouth is?”

“The rationale behind this standpoint”, added Riley “is that if we don’t save our clients money then I will personally donate a unit of blood for every case brought to my attention”.

Riley said the cost of consumables has become “exorbitant”. “I believe we can save our clients thousands of Rands a year in the costs of ink, toner and paper.

It’s crazy to acknowledge, but printer ink costs more than human blood.”

He said the investment in the new consumer division has not been significant as it will be piggy-backing off the company’s existing infrastructure.

“Besides this expedient factor, because the new consumables business is not our core focus, it enables us to come into the market on a competitive footing – and offer our clients really pencil-sharpened prices. We don’t have to make big profits from this division. It is a value added offering – which, in itself – will bring its own business benefits. We are not hunting for market-winning margins,” he said. “But If I do not save my clients money – and there are complaints – I will stick to my promise of donating a unit of blood for each complaint.”

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