Monday, 17 September 2012

The Notebook Company - the first to sell the Apple iPhone 5 in SA?

The Notebook Company, one of the country’s leading suppliers of notebooks and accessories – said it is already taking orders for Apple’s new iPhone 5, saying sales could have a “material impact” on fourth quarter revenue for the company.

This was confirmed by  Christopher Riley, CEO of  The Notebook Company – which also manages and online retail sites.

“We are already selling iPhones and we expect them to fly off the shelves.”  While the company is already taking orders for the iPhone, Riley said stock would be arriving in the first week of October, adding that prices would range from R11 000 – R14 000.

Riley said he expects the iPhone 5 to be well-received by local end users, saying that Apple has managed to make an “incredible phone even better”.

“There is no doubt about it, Apple has a jump on its competitors when it comes to the gee-whiz technology appeal. They are just pushing the right creativity buttons as far as users are concerned,” said Riley.

The iPhone 5 is slightly taller and wider than the iPhone 4 – which holds the title as the world’s most popular smart phone. But the new i phone 5 is said to be very light and thin - and is made of ultra-strong aluminum alloy with glass inlays.

“It is a feature-rich and attractive phone,” said Riley. “Inch-for-inch and gram-for-gram, it is going to be hard to beat – like its predecessor was.”

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

And the winner is – the Apple iPad

The iPad tablet from Apple is still the most popular tablet on the market – by far – and even the iPad 1 is on the wish list of some consumers before other new releases from Apple competitors, such as Samsung, Acer, HTC and Google.

This is according to Christopher Riley, CEO of laptop and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company – which manages the and online retail sites.

Recent research shows that there is actually a low level of consumer consideration and expectation levels for a non-Apple brand, with more than 75% of ‘hot prospects’ (respondents that are keen to get a tablet) considering purchasing an iPad 2- and a further three in five people expecting to get one.

“Interestingly,” said Riley, “the next most popular tablets are actually out-of-date – and that would be the original iPad, the iPad 1, and the Samsung Galaxy tab. Both tablets scored a yes vote of just over 10% of those polled, who are  expecting to buy one”

According to research conducted by YouGov other tablet competitors – like HTC, Blackberry and Acer – do even worse.

While 77% of those ‘hot prospects’ polled appear keen to purchase an iPad 2, just 3% of these ‘hot prospects ‘expect to get a HTC, 2% a Blackberry, and only 1% an Acer.

Riley said sales of Apple iPads have accounted for 40% of his company’s total revenue so far this year. “Two years ago – before the Apple iPad arrived – Apple sales were more or less a blimp on our sales sheets.”