Friday, 16 November 2012

Apple faces increasing competition in the tablet market

Apple has remained as the leading player in the tablet market since its debut with the iPad two years ago, but the company – now the most valuable company in the world – could very well lose its market share to Google-based Android devices.

This is the opinion of Christopher Riley, MD of The Notebook Company – one of the country’s leading notebook and accessories retailers – which also runs the on-line sites and

Riley said Apple is losing market dominance “fast”, one must also keep in mind they had all of it initially.  The third quarter of 2010 saw the iPad securing 87% of the market. Now Apple commands just over 50% of the market. “The release of the Apple iPad Mini has also affected sales of the iPad. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the iPad  Mini and many people put their purchase decisions on hold, waiting, instead, for the arrival of the mini tablet from Apple.

“In a way Apple seems to have shot itself in the foot with the launch of the mini Apple tablet, certainly as far as a diversion of consumer spending is concerned. But even with the fall-off of iPad sales, Apple will still remain very dominant in the tablet market. But it will share market leadership with Android-driven devices, and we can all agree Tablets are here to stay”

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