Thursday, 1 November 2012

Core Group requests The Notebook Company to remove the Apple logo from its websites?

The Notebook Company – one of the country’s leading notebook and accessories retailers - has been asked by Core Group (aka Apple South Africa) to have the Apple logo removed from its websites.

This was confirmed by Christopher Riley, the owner and CEO of The Notebook Company – which also runs the on-line Sites: and Riley said he had already removed the Apple logo. “The Apple logo has been removed and we now merely reflect the fact that we sell Apple products by the use, only, of the Apple name – in a pure text form as requested by Core.”
An interesting point, however, is that Core itself is not allowed either to use the official Apple logo even as distributor, according to Sean Swanson from Core.

Last year a similar request was made by Dell, which, through its attorney’s Adams and Adams, demanded that The Notebook Company remove the Dell logo from its web-sites, and also refrain from using the domain name

This domain name was subsequently  changed to

The Notebook Company continues to successfully sell Dell product.

“I understand that the owners of brands have the right to decide how their logos can be used.  Our Brand Bar with different brand logos just makes it easier for the consumer to select which brand he wants to buy."

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